Tampa Military May Offer - Free Pearls with PurchaseIn light of Armed Forces Day and National Military History Month, starting next week (May 20th – 31st) we’re giving everyone with a military ID a free gift with purchase: Honora pearl earrings! 

Why Celebrate?

Thanking our troops has been a well-upheld tradition in Tampa, and the tradition continues at Continental Wholesale diamonds. We always give members of the military discounts, but now they deserve more.

Recently, we donated a set of wedding bands to a couple whose dream wedding was made possible by Heroes Getting Hitched.

If you want to show your personal support, here are some ways you can honor The Armed Forces with a little help from us!

What To Do: Start Your Celebration With Something Sparkling!

Dress up this Armed Forces Day, better yet, dress up the whole month!

Have Dinner With a Loved One

There are many little ways that our Tampa community says “thank you” to the service men and women, including local small restaurants providing military discounts. Plus, if you’re not sure, it never hurts to ask. Take your loved one out for an evening on the town, and enjoy the festivities!

Go to the Museum

The Armed Forces History Museum is full of fun exhibitions and rides, as well as priceless education. Located in the Tampa Bay Area, it hosts tributes and fun activities for adults too, such as craft beer week.

Give a Gift

For him: If you have a fella to appreciate, give him a personalized gift. Our bracelets for men are still masculine and, if you engrave the band, intimate and special. You can opt to leave the bracelet as is however, simple is always a safe bet when approaching men’s style. See what he wants to do on this special day, perhaps golf or any of the aforementioned events.

For her:
Do something other than engrave. Opt instead for a monogram necklace, which comes in silver or gold – a perfect daily piece that is both classic and sophisticated, much like her.